I’m the Evidence Campaign

ITE/MH Campaign

The purpose of I’m the Evidence Campaign is to expand and enhance the communities in which we live.  This is achieved by raising awareness that each one of us can positively impact the lives of others when we honor the human spirit, create opportunities, and offer encouragement to others who are facing life’s challenges.

The campaign celebrates people who are Living the Values whether they are currently moving through life’s challenges or acting as an individual, organization, or community that offers hope and support to another along their life’s journey.

Realizing the vision of an enhanced community begins with people recognizing the commonality amongst all people and walks of life. The campaign is meant to engage others so they may begin to self identify as The Evidence and share out the values and vision with others.

Campaign Values:

Belief in Human Potential

Offering Hope

Giving of Oneself

Exploring Possibilities

Creating Connections

Being an Example

Offering Encouragement

Having Courage to Act

Celebrating Accomplishments

I'm the Evidence